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Getting the Best Fit For Tiny Feet

by Tabitha Trombley November 06, 2017

Getting the Best Fit For Tiny Feet

There are a few ways to ensure that your little one is getting the very best possible fit for their tiny feet!

Trying the shoes on to verify the sizing is right!

It is very important to get your little one to try on the shoes you have picked out! This is the only true way to assess the situation as shoes that are too small are going to cause discomfort and pain, and shoes that are too big are going to be a tripping and development hazard. Here are some pointers to provide the best fit possible!

  • There should be a thumbs-width space between the front of the shoe and your baby's big toe.
  • When your little one is standing, a space at their heel and the heel of the shoe is most ideal.

Give that little shoe a "Pinch Test"

This is a great test especially if you are choosing a softer fabric such as a premium leather baby shoe. How this test works is; put the shoe on your little one and then try to pinch the material at the inside area of their feet. If you are unable to pinch any material, the shoes are too small! However, if you are able to pinch too much material the shoes are too big! There is no exact measurement of what is too much and what is too little, trust your instincts!

Look for the signs from your little one.

Get your little one to try on the shoes and look for the signs of discomfort. Some signs might be immediate based on shoes that are too small; some signs might arise when you get them to try them out! If they are walking with a limp, tripping or any other sign that would indicate a difference from how they walk in bare feet, this would suggest an improper fit. Another great sign to look for will be when you take the shoes off those tiny feet! Look for red marks or irritated areas on the foot. If you are able to find some it would suggest these are not the shoes for your little one. 

Always check the fit!

Babies grow so fast! Sometimes their feet seem to grow even faster! It is wise to always be checking the fit of their shoes to ensure their little toes are not being squished and there is still some room for comfort while they master walking!

Tabitha Trombley
Tabitha Trombley